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Schools in the Wantagh UFSD School District

Use the drop-down below to select a School from the Wantagh UFSD School District

SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Forest Lake3100 Beltagh Ave
Wantagh NY 117932599
516 6796470    Independent Union Free 
Mandalay2667 Bayview Ave
Wantagh NY 117934398
516 6796390    Independent Union Free 
Maplewood2166 Wantagh Ave
Wantagh NY 117933918
516 2212121    Non-Denominational 
Wantagh1765 Beech St
Wantagh NY 117933497
516 6796480    Independent Union Free 
Wantagh Middle3299 Beltagh Ave
Wantagh NY 117933396
516 6796350    Independent Union Free 
Wantagh Senior High3297 Beltagh Ave
Wantagh NY 117933371
516 6796401    Independent Union Free