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Schools in the Malone CSD School District

Use the drop-down below to select a School from the Malone CSD School District

SchoolMapAddressPhoneFaxEnrollmentSchool Type
Davis Elementary183 Webster St
Malone NY 129532226
518 4837802    Independent Central 
Flanders Elementary524 E Main St
Malone NY 129532003
518 4837803    Independent Central 
Franklin Academy High42 Huskie Ln
Malone NY 129532498
518 4837807    Independent Central 
Holy Family12 Homestead Park
Malone NY 129531637
518 4834443    Ogdensburg Diocese 
Malone Middle15 Francis St
Malone NY 129531885
518 4837801    Independent Central 
St Joseph's Elementary99 Elm St
Malone NY 129531518
518 4837806    Independent Central